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TDD Resources for iOS

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TDD Resources for iOS

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Below are a few resources I've found useful when doing TDD in iOS. 
  • Test-Driven iOS Development -  the only TDD book specific to iOS. It goes over implementing a fully functional iOS app using TDD, from the data layer all the way to the UI.
  • Working Effectively with Legacy Code - although not specifically geared toward iOS, this book is the authority on how to work with untested code (legacy code) and how to safely make changes to it, all by applying TDD. 
  • OCUnit (SenTestingKit) / XCTest - testing unit frameworks built directly into Xcode
  • OCMock - Objective-C implementation of mock objects. Provides features such as class mocks, stubs, protocol mocks, expect/verify and many more
  • OCHamcrest, OCMockitoKiwi, GHUnit, Cedar - other unit testing tools that you might find useful 
  • CoverStory / lcov - code coverage of your unit tests. 
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