Team SIMPLEX (Romania) - ImagineCup 2011 Finalists

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Team SIMPLEX (Romania) - ImagineCup 2011 Finalists

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The next featured ImagineCup team is SIMPLEX from Romania. These guys built a Kinect-based medical recovery assistant - a fairly unique system that allows patients with neurological, orthopedic or rheumatologic pathologies to easily recover by practicing physical exercises controlled by Kinect.

(Image courtesy of SIMPLEX)

The team members are: Alina Calin, Andrei Cantea, Andrei Dascalu and Cosmin Mihaiu. The team mentor is Dan Mircea Suciu. The entire team comes from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj.

The inspiration for their project came from the idea that some of the team members' relatives suffered from pathologies that needed a fixed recovery program. With the current state of things, this recovery program is quite lengthy and hard to go through, so the main goal was to maximize the patient comfort and reduce the existing timeline to the possible minimum.

The team received a lot of positive feedback from people who were trying this project in real situations. What's even more important, actual doctors helped ensure that MIRA (that's the name of the project) is suitable for very specific health situations. SIMPLEX collaborated with their local recovery hospital to launch a pilot (read: test) project and see the positive effect of their creation.

When the team just started working on the project, they decided to use a Windows Phone-based application that took advantage of the installed accelerometer. Later in the process, the guys found out that it is not really efficient, so in early April they transitioned to Kinect and made pretty decent progress by using open frameworks.

Asking Cosmin Mihaiu as to what was the biggest obstacle, he mentioned that "it always will be time. As in many other life scenarios, time isn't on our side. We had and have so many ideas for our project, but we are constrained by time to implement only what we think and know is necessary. Even though time is an opponent we will never defeat, it is fun to fight against it and achieve deadlines that sometimes seem impossible."

SIMPLEX is headed to New York City this July to present their project and compete for the first place in the Worldwide Finals. For all new teams that plan on participating in ImagineCup, the guys from SIMPLEX recommend to have fun - after all, it's about experience.

You can find more (and stay updated) about the MIRA project on the official Facebook page. You can watch a video showcasing their project here.


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