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TeamCity 8 — Welcome to The Light Side of Continuous Integration

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TeamCity 8 — Welcome to The Light Side of Continuous Integration

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It’s been a while since the last major release of TeamCity, and today we’re excited to announce that new TeamCity 8 is here and available for download. We carefully listened to everything you told us and did our best to give you the product which exceeds your expectations.

As with every release, the whole list of new features and improvements is very long and you can surely learn about all of them, but let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy ones.

TeamCity is now more affordable for small teams

If you are using Professional Server, you can extend the number of build configurations by purchasing an additional Build Agent. Each purchased Build Agent gives you 10 more build configurations.

If you already have additional agents and your licenses maintenance period covers TeamCity 8.0 release date, good for you! Just upgrade to TeamCity 8 and start receiving profit.

New project hierarchy

The project hierarchy in TeamCity 8 allows you not to worry about the growing number of projects and configurations. You’re able to group several projects under a parent one and tune access, VCS settings, and other parameters for the whole projects tree.

Your server health reports

No matter how well you keep an eye on your build environment, there is always something out of your field of view: unused agents, huge build logs, redundant VCS roots and so on. The new Server Health page is here to show you these issues.

Other important features include:

  • a much faster (up to 5 times) build history cleanup, allowing to drastically reduce server maintenance time;

  • Meta-Runner allowing you to reuse build steps by representing them as a native TeamCity runner,

  • improved build problems reporting: detection of new problems, ability to assign an investigation or mute a build problem.

  • The native IntelliJ IDEA compiler is now bundled with TeamCity 8, which means that for IntelliJ IDEA projects you get much faster incremental compilation and support for Scala, Groovy, Closure, Kotlin, Android, GWT and many other technologies supported by IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Feature branches building is based on Mercurial bookmarks and Git tags.

  • TeamCity is able to detect and show changes made in Mercurial sub-repositories

Check out more details and screenshots on the What’s New page and download TeamCity 8 now to try these great new features.

Happy building!
The TeamCity Team

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