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TeamForge 7.2: New Tools & Features for Agility (Not Just Agile)

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TeamForge 7.2: New Tools & Features for Agility (Not Just Agile)

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There are a lot of ALM tools out there - so many that it can become a problem to keep it all straight, and it can be difficult to track information between platforms. That's the problem that the newest version of Collabnet's Teamforge, 7.2, aims to address: the interconnection of disparate tools.

A variety of new features and enhancements have come with 7.2. For example:

  • The Task Board view, which allows for flexible pick-and-choose adoption of select Agile patterns
  • The Activity Stream, which demonstrates the interconnected nature of TeamForge's Open ALM Platform by displaying activities/events from various tools connected to TeamForge (Jira, for example)
  • The "Traceability Matrix," which gives context to an activity by showing connections between activities (even from unrelated tools). For example, a Jira artifact might show relevant commits.
  • A wide range of Git/Gerrit enhancements. 

In other words, there are a lot of useful ways to gather information from the various tools you work with and see how that information relates. Take a look at that traceability matrix, for example:

(via CollabNet)

All in all, it looks like a pretty interesting set of tools. I had a chance to speak with Chris Clarke, Senior VP of Product Management Strategy at CollabNet, who described the central focus of TeamForge as:

Not Agile, but agility

That's not to denigrate Agile as a whole (even if it might need some review), but to point to a practical approach where the end result of a process is more important than the actual step-by-step details of the process itself. As a wise man once said:

Working software is the primary measure of progress

So, if your organization could stand to be a bit more organized with a clearer picture of how everything fits together, take a look at TeamForge 7.2 and the full details on new features.

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