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TechDays 2012 - Wrapping Up

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TechDays 2012 - Wrapping Up

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Thank you so much for those people who came to my talks in Johannesburg & Cape Town – from all accounts we broke some size records for the event which is very awesome. Not just for my ego, but also it shows Microsoft that while we are excited about the new awesome stuff – we NEED to hear about the more normal things, you know cause we get paid to work with that and all.

With that said on to the usual post event blog post where I share my slides. In addition my demo script (those masses of paper I used to remind myself what to type) is up, and finally are completed builds of the demo apps for you to look through. About the demos, two things need to be remembered:

  • These are demos – they are not meant to best practise. They are as close to that as I can get in 5min, so disclaimer on using them.
  • These demos are not the same as on stage, and have no help – so if you did not attend the session the script maybe a better starting point.


btw download the slide deck, there is hidden slides with more info!!

Completed Demos

Large (file size) demos

Small (file size) demos - below

Attachment Size
TechDays Demo Script 33.54 KB
Visual Studio Snippets 1.86 KB
Async Completed Demo 9.1 KB
CultureDemo Completed Demo 3.22 KB
CallerMemberName Completed Demo 8.7 KB
EF Diagram Demo Completed Demo 27.69 KB
HelloTechDays Completed Demo 169.84 KB
Wcf Completed Demo 16.66 KB


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