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A Technical Presenter's Journey: Part 1 - Know Your Audience

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A Technical Presenter's Journey: Part 1 - Know Your Audience

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I want to start a series of posts on tips for giving technical presentations. What I would really like to do is get tips and tricks from you, the reader, and then post them as a community driven series of tips on giving technical presentations. So here is what I need from you...

  1. Either put up a blog post or just write a tip on giving technical presentations. Follow this post as a guide and just give a bit of info, tell a story, give a nice anecdote, etc... Have fun with it!
  2. Once you have done this, send me a message via my contact form and either send me the tip directly or give me a link to your post. If you send me a link to a post, I am going to copy the entire contents of the post, but with all of them I will give you a prominent link back to whatever site you want me to. There will be no pretending that it was my content!
  3. Sit back and smile knowing that you helped your fellow technical presenters! Then watch my blog over the next few weeks as I put up these posts. Or just come back at the end for a buffet of technical presenting tips.

And as a side note, I reserve the right to only use the tips that I deem worthy! :-) Ha ha, I just want to make sure there are no duplicates or poorly written content. (Except for my own!) So please tweet or blog about this so that this little experiment can be a success!

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