Technical Solutions Used for Performance and Monitoring

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Technical Solutions Used for Performance and Monitoring

Everyone has created their own proprietary solution but tend to use additional resources.

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To gather insights for DZone's Performance and and Monitoring Research Guide, scheduled for release in June, 2016, we spoke to 10 executives, from nine companies, who have created performance and monitoring solutions for their clients.

Here's who we talked to:

Dustin Whittle, Developer Evangelist, AppDynamics | Michael Sage, Chief DevOps Evangelist,Blazemeter | Rob Malnati, V.P. Marketing and Pete Mastin, Product Evangelist, Cedexis | Charlie Baker, V.P. Product Marketing, Dyn | Andreas Grabner, Technology Strategist, Dynatrace | Dave Josephson, Developer Evangelist, and Michelle Urban, Director of Marketing, Librato | Bob Brodie, CTO, SUMOHeavy | Christian Beedgen, CTO and Co-Founder, Sumo Logic | Nick Kephart, Senior Director Product Marketing, ThousandEyes

We asked these executives, "What technical solutions do you use?"

Here's what they told us:

  • We build our own. APM must be part of the build pipeline. APM must lug into the pipeline via APIs and connection points. We capture the best data out there and provide out of the box analytics but we don’t prevent our customer from using other solutions. We easily and seamlessly integrate into other solutions.
  • We built the platform ourselves but we use all standard interfaces and browsers. We have two efforts to define video quality of excellence. The special sauce is the community which provides context and standards.
  • In addition to New Relic, we use a log monitoring tool to see all data flow and errors. The tools have helped us replace people and manual monitoring. We believe in using automation to empower your people to solve bigger problems.
  • We provide a suite of proprietary apps in our internet performance management platform. We map how the internet interconnects on a day-to-day basis and tell customers how to handle deviations. Geolocated sensors path map what’s possible. We provide a full picture of how the internet connects and how traffic flows.
  • New Relic extensively for real-time monitoring. We test with our own and also use Splunk.
  • Proprietary monitoring for web and mobile. We support all languages. We use a lot of open source beneath our proprietary solutions.
  • We're starting to do turnkey integration for Fortune 500 based on open source tools. We interact with open source tools and have contributed a great deal to GitHub commit logs.
  • The product is proprietary but we do use community data sources. We use routing information around the internet from academia and the community. Our developers use a lot of open source, the Java community, and C++.
  • We built our proprietary IP on top of open source code.

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