Telerik UI for Blazor 0.2.0 Free Preview Available

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Telerik UI for Blazor 0.2.0 Free Preview Available

A look into how one dev team is working tying the latest update for Blazor and ASP.NET Core into their products and code.

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Telerik UI for Blazor 0.2.0 is available for download today. This release makes Telerik UI for Blazor compatible with Visual Studio 2019 preview 2, and ASP.NET Core 3.0 preview 2.

A few weeks ago we released an early preview of Telerik UI for Blazor. The early preview is intended to give developers a peek into the development process while giving everyone a chance to share their feedback on the product. We are working closely to align our goals with those of Microsoft's ASP.NET Core team, which is why we're happy to announce Telerik UI for Blazor 0.2.0. This new version aligns our UI components with the ASP.NET Core 3.0 preview 2 and Blazor 0.8.0 release.

What's New

In this release, you may not see a lot of changes on the surface, but we've diligently kept up with things that are happening beneath the surface of the framework. ASP.NET Core 3.0 preview 2 marks a milestone for Razor Components, the underlying component model for Blazor. In preview 2, Razor Components have been decoupled from Blazor, making the component model much more flexible (for more about this see the preview 2 announcements). The change shifted some dependencies and namespaces used to power Telerik UI for Blazor, prompting us to add compatibility with the new release.

Telerik UI for Blazor is now compatible with:

  • Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2
  • ASP.NET Core 3.0 Preview 2
  • Blazor 0.8.0

Going forward, Telerik UI for Blazor 0.1.0 is only compatible with Visual Studio 2017. You will need to migrate your experiments along with your tooling to Visual Studio 2019 to utilize 0.2.0.

Besides supporting the new, latest bits, some small changes were made to the Grid component:

  • Grid columns are now better defined. In this version, Grid columns have improved semantics through nesting. The KendoGridColumns container clearly defines where columns begin in the Grid and gives us a framework to build upon. In the example below the columns are clearly defined and have different nesting from the RowTemplate.
<KendoGrid Data=@GridData>
    <RowTemplate ... />
        <KendoGridColumn Field=@nameof(Product.ProductName)/>
        <KendoGridColumn Field=@nameof(Product.UnitPrice)/>


  • Grid Height is now a supported parameter, which allows the grid height to be defined programmatically.
<KendoGrid Data=@GridData Height=@Height>


  • Code samples are here! We really wanted to help you hit the ground running. With the ecosystem changing rapidly, it's best to show solid examples of how to get things done. This is why we have released a new GitHub repository showing of our components doing cool things like templates, editing, and swapping themes. You can clone the samples here: https://github.com/telerik/ui-for-blazor-examples

Stay Tuned

We're committed to Telerik UI for Blazor and plan to release more content in the form of video, blogs, and samples on GitHub. If you're watching with anticipation for what's coming next, make sure to visit our blogs frequently for news and announcements. For more insight into all things Blazor, you can watch me (Ed Charbeneau, Progress developer advocate), each week Friday at 12:00 pm EST on Twitch.

Join the Early Preview

We're excited to be part of the next generation of ASP.NET applications by supporting Blazor. Telerik UI for Blazor Early Preview is available for free today. The package currently includes Data Grid, Tab Set, and Button components written from the gound up to take advantage of Blazor without legacy JavaScript dependencies (there's no jQuery this time folks). Throughout the year Microsoft will be working on Blazor (a.k.a. Razor Components) as part of ASP.NET Core 3.0. We plan on keeping Telerik UI for Blazor up to date as the project progresses and look forward to hearing your feedback, see what you've built, and know what components you need for your next app.

A Special Installation Note

For the Telerik UI for Blazor version 0.2.0 to show in your NuGet feed, you must visit the download page and create an account, or sign in. You will need to repeat this process even if you already have early preview 0.1.0. Visiting this page will activate your NuGet feed. For more information about adding the Telerik NuGet feed please see our documentation.

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