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Terracotta acquires Ehcache

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Terracotta acquires Ehcache

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Terracotta today announced the purchase of privately-held Ehcache, a Java caching solution that ships as a component within many other Java products including Hibernate ORM, Spring Framework, Alfresco CMS and Liferay portal. 

Terracotta clusters JVMs together by injecting cluster-aware bytecode into your Java code at runtime as your classes are loaded by each JVM.

The combination of the two products helps Terracotta extend its reach into the distributed caching and in-memory data management market, and provides its customers with a seamless path for scaling out their existing enterprise Java applications. 

Ari Zilka, Co-Founder and CTO of Terracotta, sheds additional light on what this aqusition will mean for end users of each of the two products, in his blog Pojo Mojo:

Ehcache users will get a few things:
1. The same Apache 2 license they currently rely on
2. A new hosting environment operated by Terracotta with state-of-the-art forums, source control, maven infrastructure, etc. all running alongside sourceforge infrastructure that will remain in place
3. A dedicated team of engineers working full-time on Ehcache performance and features
4. Direct upgrade path to Terracotta that is seamless and nearly configurationless
5. Enterprise support and training for existing Ehcache installations

Terracotta users will get a few things as well:
1. Ehcache interfaces will replace Terracotta distributed cache as a single caching interface / standard for Terracotta distributed caching
2. A single-node version of Terracotta that can run on the desktop w/o our server array
3. Full freedom to run on the latest version of Ehcache at all times, knowing it works with Terracotta
4. One vendor support structure for their caching interfaces / libraries as well as their scalability / reliability runtime.

Greg Luck of Ehcache further adds:

“Ehcache’s proven deployment track record combined with the enterprise scalability of Terracotta creates a new caching powerhouse.  Both the Ehcache and Terracotta communities will benefit. The Ehcache community will get accelerated development of new Ehcache features which will provide a comprehensive, standards-based caching solution for their existing and upcoming performance challenges. The Terracotta community will have a seamless single vendor experience with easy access to a rich and robust caching solution that scales with their business.”

Terracotta plans to retain availability of Ehcache as an open source product under the Apache 2 license. Ehcache will remain available for download at its current location as well as at its new home.  Planned integration of the products in the near term will focus on enabling Ehcache users to add data integrity capabilities through the Terracotta Server Array.

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