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Terracotta and EnterpriseDB Team Up For High-Performance Private Clouds

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Terracotta recently announced another strategic alliance, this time with EnterpriseDB, a PostgresSQL-based database vendor.  Their partnership is aimed at addressing the technical challenges in scaling the data layer in private clouds.  Under their agreement, the two open source companies will share knowledge in clustering, caching, and RDBMSs to build a high-performance, low cost solution for application deployment in private clouds.

This announcement comes almost two months after Terracotta declared its partnership with Eucalyptus - another open source company.  Eucalyptus provides software to build private clouds from your own IT infrastructure.  After acquiring two extremely popular Java technologies last year (Ehcache and Quartz), Terracotta is setting its sights on Private and Hybrid clouds by forging alliances with major open source players in the cloud infrastructure and database markets.  

The EnterpriseDB partnership is the latest move in Terracotta's increasingly ambitious enterprise application deployment and management strategy.  Ari Zilka, the CTO and founder of Terracotta, has been around the world talking to CTOs who are ready to take the plunge and move their enterprise's applications into cloud environments.  However, they are wary of the hardware costs accompanying a 'brute-force' approach to dealing with scalability bottlenecks.  

Terracotta seeks to entice these CTOs with a free and open source product that provides optimal data tier scalability by using distributed caching methods to bypass the bottlenecks of the relational database.  The solution's horizontal scalability is enabled with a few lines of config on an industry standard interface such as Ehcache.  

EnterpriseDB's Postgre Plus fits into Terracotta's solution by handling demanding workloads that are more suited for a RDBMS.  Because EnterpriseDB's Postgre Plus, which is built on top of the open source PostgreSQL database, is the one of the few (could be the only) fully functional open source RDBMS on the market, the cost of using it for heavy, elastic cloud workloads is lower than competitive proprietary solutions.

Terracotta CEO Amit Pandey commented on the alliance saying, “Both companies share the same mission of providing a simple and cost effective approach to scaling application data access that monolithic, proprietary database vendors come nowhere close to matching.”

For a full technical overview of the benefits in Terracotta and EnterpriseDB's combined solution, you can watch a webcast on April 6.

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