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Terracotta Heats Up Competition in Distributed Caching

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Terracotta Heats Up Competition in Distributed Caching

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Terracotta announced today the immediate release of "Terracotta for Caching," which integrates Ehcache and Terracotta.  For Terracotta, this was the natural first step after acquiring Ehcache (so named to be palindromic) in August.  In a telephone conversation with DZone, Jeff Hartley, Terracotta VP of marketing, said Terracotta for Caching "combines the power of Terracotta with a ubiquitous API.  Terracottta is poised to be everywhere."

Terracotta is now heating up the competition with larger companies like Oracle and JBoss for supremacy in distributed caching.  Unlike some of their larger competitors, Terracotta and Ehcache are also open-source.

Greg Luck, Ehcache chief technology officer at Terracotta, says "In [Ehcache] 1.7, developers can turn on Terracotta Clustering with a one-line change in ehcache.xml, and then turn on each cache they want clustered with another one-line change. There are no code changes - it could not be simpler.”

Terracotta for Caching easily upgrades from single to multi-node deployments of Ehcache with high throughput and coherent distributed caches.  "We want to make it dead easy to start from Ehcache and move to clustered Ehcache with Terracotta with a minimum of effort." blogs Alex Miller, a tech lead for Terracotta.  

Customers can easily add capacity to facilitate growth in either traditional infrastructures or virtualized environments such as clouds.  "…customers can use these products out of the box for both new applications and for those already using Ehcache, and easily scale them up, particularly in private clouds where databases can present bottlenecks to growth,” said Ari Zilka, co-founder of Terracotta, who thinks facilitating growth is one of Terracotta's strong suits.  With the acquisition of Ehcache, and now the integration of its technology, Terracotta is well positioned to facilitate its own growth and compete with big-name companies for developers' attention.

Terracotta for Caching has three versions:

  • Ehcache DX:  High-performance standalone; peer-to-peer
  • Ehcache EX:  Industry-standard on the Terracotta Server Array
  • Encache FX:  Massive scale distributed caching


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