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Test If Sites Are Online

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Test If Sites Are Online

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// test if sites are online by title validation
// if the title can change, test can validate occurance of a phrase instead

require 'rwebunit'  # ruby web test based on watir (uses ie=internet-explorer-object)

# test if sites are online by title validation
# usage: to run this test without visible ie use the -b option
# C:\ruby\workspace\ruject1>ruby rwu_site_checker.rb -b

class RwuSiteChecker < RWebUnit::WebTestCase

  # hash with url and title
  @@sites = {
    "http://www.domain_number_one.de" => "title number one",
    "http://www.seccond_domain.org" => "seccond title",
    "http://www.yet_another_domain.com" => "yet another title"
  # test for titles
  def test_titles()
    log = "testing title \n"
    @@sites.each { |url, title|
      # to check for phrase: assertTextPresent(phrase) 
      log += url + " ok \n"
    puts log


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