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Test Singletons

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Test Singletons

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Method 1: Two classes. The first implements the functionality. The second gets the protection, i.e. it is the Singleton.

require 'singleton'
class WorkingFoo
  # all the functionality

class SingleFoo < WorkingFoo
  implements Singleton

In production use the second class, SigleFoo. For testing use the first class, WorkingFoo.

Literature: Russ Olso, Design Paterns in Ruby, 2007

Method 2: 
If you don't own the code or if you fear missuse of the baseclass you can use metaprogramming. 
Ian White poposes a #reset_instance method

require 'singleton'
class <
More Info: http://blog.ardes.com/2006/12/11/testing-singletons-with-ruby 


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