Testing Survey Reveals Most Practice "Fast Waterfall"

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Testing Survey Reveals Most Practice "Fast Waterfall"

Sauce Labs' Testing Trends in 2016 report has found some interesting practices around software testing.

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Sauce Labs, Inc., provider of the worlds largest cloud-based platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications, today announced the results of an independent survey titled, Testing Trends in 2016: A Survey of Software Professionals. 

The report, commissioned by Sauce Labs, represents the company's second annual State of Testing research report, and is designed to better understand current trends in delivering high-quality web and mobile applications. Covering topics such as agile software development, modern testing techniques, Continuous Integration (CI), and cross-browser test coverage, the report stems from a survey conducted in December 2015 of more than 520 technology professionals responsible for the quality of software applications. 

"Development teams continue to adopt agile methodologies like continuous integration (CI) to build better software faster," said Charles Ramsey, CEO of Sauce Labs. "What is surprising from this report is the revelation that many teams who believe they are practicing an agile testing process are really performing fast waterfall instead. This presents a huge opportunity for these teams to continue to improve their processes, increase their use of automation and accelerate development even further.

In addition to revealing the prevalence of fast waterfall development, the findings also reveal that the market continues its adoption of CI, with 77 percent of respondents citing use of the modern development technique within their teams, up from 70 percent from last year. Importantly, the research also reveals that these teams are beginning to reap the benefits of Continuous Integration, with respondents reporting that implementing CI has resulted in more systematic and rigorous testing, the introduction of more new features for rapid customer feedback and writing code with fewer errors.

Cross-browser testing also remains important with 95 percent of large companies performing some type of cross-browser testing. In addition, Microsoft's new browser released in August 2015 is already grabbing the attention of developers with almost one-third of respondents saying they test their applications on Microsoft Edge.

Additional key findings from the report include: 

Agile is ubiquitous but few have fully embraced testing best practices

  • 67 percent of respondents say their teams deploy new builds at least weekly
  • 46 percent say they want a faster deployment time than they currently have
  • Only one in five say (21 percent) their teams have achieved all five key areas of agile testing maturity, including:
  • 23 percent of teams fix bugs right away
  • 24 percent iterate small testable requirements rather than waiting for features to be complete
  • 26 percent of teams have more automated testing than manual
  • 77 percent of development and QA teams communicate in real-time
  • 86 percent of development and QA teams think of themselves as partners 

Continuous Integration (CI) changes testing

  • More respondents acknowledged the benefits of CI compared to 2015, which include: more rigorous testing (33 percent), trying more features for customer feedback (32 percent) and writing code with fewer errors (21 percent) in the current report

Cross-Browser Testing remains important, especially for large organizations

  • 95 percent of large companies perform cross browser testing compared to 86 percent of small companies
  • 68 percent of large companies test on older browser versions versus only 60 percent of small companies
  • 32 percent of respondents say they test applications on Microsoft Edge
  • The need for Internet Explorer testing has not decreased in past year

Development teams are beginning to see real benefits of implementing Continuous Integration (CI), said Diane Hagglund, principal researcher of Dimensional Research. The report reveals that while certain benefits may not be seen immediately, there are considerable long-term advantages to CI that make its adoption worthwhile.

To download the full Testing Trends in 2016 report, click here.

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