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Testing Tuesday #19: Testing Node.js Applications with Jasmine

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This is the 19th Testing Tuesday episode. Every week we will share our insights and opinions on the software testing space. Drop by every Tuesday to learn more! Last week we tested asynchronous JavaScript operations with Jasmine.

How to Test Node.js Applications With Jasmine

We’ve already covered Jasmine in the last three Testing Tuesday episodes. Especially Testing Tuesday #16 will get you up and runnig if you’re not familiar with Jasmine already.

After a few episodes about testing your web application's frontend JavaScript code with Jasmine, we will show you how to test node.js applications with Jasmine today. We’ll use the excellent jasmine-node package to run unit tests from our console.

It’s even possible to run your tests automatically every time you save a file. In this screencast we will show you how!

Up Next Testing Tuesday: Continuous Deployment of Node.js Applications

Having an automated test suite helps a lot when developing software, but it also makes it possible to deploy your code automatically on every change! Next week we’ll show you how to continuously deploy your Node.js applications to Heroku with the Codeship. If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please leave us a comment!

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