TestProject — A Perfect Test Automation Tool for DevOps 2020

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TestProject — A Perfect Test Automation Tool for DevOps 2020

To achieve such speed and agility, it is important to automate all the testing processes and configure them to run automatically

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Find out more about the "perfect" test automation tool.

Hello Folks,

In DevOps, we usually talk about CI/CD, infra as code, containerization, performance but one of the Important and Best practices is “Automation Testing”.

But…. Question is how much testing impact in DevOps???

And I can say…

“Test Automation is the secret to DevOps Success. To achieve such speed and agility, it is important to automate all the testing processes and configure them to run automatically”

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So today, I'm here with my new article and I want to discuss TestProject for the Passionate Automation testers and yes, of course, it’s for DevOps Enthusiastic.

But before talking about this tool, I want to share one phrase for DevOps.

"Showing a strong success and visible benefits is key to getting others to agree to try your way of doing things."

—Frederic Rivain

So, you must have understood where I'm pointing ...When we explore any new tool/technology for the organization to deliver better results than we always look for reliable tools and once we enabled that tool within the organization and then started to increase product quality. So as a once you get results with tool/technology so then other teams start to follow your path.

Here is the tool "TestProject" for Enhancing the Automation testing capabilities independently and within DevOps.

What Is TestProject?

  • It is an end-to-end Automation Platform for web, mobile (Android and iPhone) and API Testing.
  • It is a free, user-friendly Installation and support for all OS — Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • It is cloud-hosted and community-powered.

Why Only TestProject?

  • One Single Platform for Web, Mobile, and API.
  • It is built on Two major automation Frameworks — Selenium and Appium.
  • It provides a powerful SDK for creating Tests and Addons.
  • Browser Compatibility for Web, Android and iOS tests.

— Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari and Firefox browsers

What Makes it Powerful and Unique?

  • Community Powered Test Automation Platform -
  • It is based on the “Testing as a Service” Model.
  • Test recording for web, android, and iOS apps.
  • Collaborative Testing repository.
  • Integration with your CI/CD workflow with tools like Jenkins and Slack.
  • Utilize RESTful API to easily trigger automation, send email notifications and tie into webhooks from other tools.

How to Use it?

Step #1) Signup and download TestProject Agent for your compatible platform.

Step #2) Install the agent on your System.

Step #3) Register your TestProject agent with Server.

Step #4) Go to TestProject dashboard à Create your Project à Add Team member email-ids.

Step #5) Click on Open Project --> Create a test or click on Add new Test --> Then Test it with your requirements.

What Is TestProject Addon?

An addon is a collection of coded actions you can use within any test to help you get the capability you need for the things you are trying to test. They are stored in the Test Project’s collaborative addons library and can be shared by the entire community. Addons give you the power to effortlessly extend your recorded and coded tests with reusable actions.

You can also create your addons that you can share with your team or with the entire TestProject community if you wish. Addons make it easy to customize the actions you have in your tests to exactly fit your team's testing needs.

What Is TestProject Integration?

1. Setting up Email Notification — Email notification can be easily set up for any job in TestProject. To set them up, simply navigate to the job you want to receive notifications for and click on the envelope icon.

2. Integration to Slack — Slack is a powerful communication tool used by many companies. Test Project can easily integrate with Slack allowing you to get notifications and information about your test automation runs directly in a Slack channel.

Adding Slack Integration to TestProject

After logging into your TestProject account, go to the Integrations tab and click on the WebHooks + Slack option.

Click the icon and you will be redirected to the Slack authorization page.

3. Integration with Jenkins — Test Project’s Jenkins plugin is available in the Jenkins plugin index. To install it, login to your Jenkins server. and choose Manage Jenkins → Manage Plugin → Available. in the filter field type “TestProject” and then select the TestProject plugin and hit Install without Restart.

What I Think and Like About TestProject?

  • Easily to learn for those who want to make a career in Automation Testing.
  • For automation testing Enthusiastic who love to explore new tools.
  • Single platform for multi things.
  • Recording capabilities.

Topics are covered for this article but its “Not Over” … and what comes in future in TestProject Universe... Here is the news.

  • SDK for Python and JavaScript.
  • An enhanced version of the Recording studio.
  • Much more exciting Integration with other tools.

So, guys please share your thoughts about this tool and stay tuned for more information about TestProject from the below link… make a part of this TestProject Universe and do some automation.


Finally, Goodbye and…

Happy Testing

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