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TF.exe Fast Overview

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TF.exe Fast Overview

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In this post, I will give a fast overview about tf.exe command line, I will show how to use different options, like checkin, workspces, view, diff, status and wrokfold.

The most important considration that we have take is to navigate to the mapping folder inside the working machine so we can use differnet options otherwise we will see the following: error

Unable to determine the workspace. You may be able to correct this by running
‘tf workspaces /collection:TeamProjectCollectionUrl’.

Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt as Administrator, type tf msdn, this will display the helpOpen-VS-Command-LineTF-msdn

Type tf help checkin, to display the help of the checkin optionDisplay-help-about-option

We will go to the project settings and add 2 notes, Reviewer and Time, after that we will get back to the command line and type tf checkin /comment:”Hello this my comment” /notes:”Reviewer=M.Radwan;Time=5:00″ TF-Checkin-with-comment-notes

This will display the checkin dialog-box with the typed comments and notes. TF-CommentTF-Notes

Now we will output the different between 2 changeset in a file, type tf diff FabrikamFiber.CallCenter\fabrikamfiber.web\controllers\ /version: c7~c26 >c:\Radwan.txt TF-output-diff-in-file

Open the file using Notepad2 and select the Diff Files schema (Into ALM with TFS)TF-Open-diff-with-notepad2TF-diff

To view a file a specific version type tf view FabrikamFiber.CallCenter\fabrikamfiber.web\controllers\CustomerControllers.cs /version:c26 TF-view


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