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The 12 Days of Content (Day 12): Developer Resolutions

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The 12 Days of Content (Day 12): Developer Resolutions

In this post, we'll check out a few of the developer resolutions that our Zone Leaders have set for themselves and offer up a few tips for crafting your own annual wanna-dos based on their responses.

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After reflecting on the many achievements at DZone this past year and giving you a sneak peek into what's to come next, I can't think of a better way to end out 2017 & our 12 Days of Content series than by setting goals for 2018.

Zone Leader Resolutions

Below you'll see a list of resolutions that our Zone Leaders have put together, plus a few tidbits of advice for crafting your own resolutions that I gathered from reading the different responses here. And really, hats off to the ZLs that responded to my call for resolutions, as this is super last minute! Perhaps I need to make a resolution to be a little better organized in the New Year... it wouldn't be the first time I've said that! 

So, here's a handful of resolutions from a handful of our ZLs!

James Sugrue

Characteristically James, he replied with this enviously idealistic outlook:

Image title

And honestly, I don't mean to knock James at all for being idealistic... setting that bar high is what resolutions are for as he points out to Duncan there! And of course, I had to include Duncan's response, as this is the signature pessimistic humor that we know and love him for.

And while I just praised James for the oppositive, Duncan does keep it real, which is another thing to keep in mind when making resolutions... What is feasible anyway?

Speaking of Duncan...

Duncan Brown

Here's what he had to say about resolutions:

Image title

While this is such a cop-out of an answer, I can't help but love it! For one, I'm a sucker for good wordplay. But also, the candidness of giving up on the resolution game is pretty damn endearing... of course, it also helps that I know Duncan well enough to realize that while he might not be actively setting "resolutions" to achieve in the New Year, dude isn't as down as his messages may suggest. He knows his Slack audience, and we really dig despondency!

Tim Spann

Almost instantly hitting my super delayed "ZLs, can I have a hand getting your ideas on dev resolutions!?" email back, Tim offered up a concrete list of wanna-dos that sounded awesomely ambitious:

Image title

This multi-factored resolution is a bit daunting—well, it would be for me—but it's well-structured and to the point... a lot like Tim's writing actually! Anyway, I dig the way he plotted out a few good to-do's and tied together at least a couple of them with the third resolution. And, even if each one of these boxes isn't checked off, I think it's sometimes a good strategy to set more goals than you might be able to accomplish, knowing that overshooting your target you're bound to get some things done.

Sibanjan Das

Similarly, Sibanjan has high hopes for the New Year, but he's hoping to make his life easier by wielding AI:

Image title

Now, there's an idea... if all goes as planned and he gets his automation game up to snuff, perhaps next year he can ask AI to take care of any 2019 resolutions he makes. Haha! :-P

Cate Lawrence

Another ambitious multi-part resolution maker, Cate Lawrence has set herself up with a plethora of to-dos to pick from:

Image titleOne particular resolution that resonated with me was the top one on whittling down tabs to a respectful number. Well said, and totally stealing that! Any other readers with terrible tab habits out there? It's okay—stay strong my fellow disheveled hoarders of tabs, we will work on this together... but you know, separately because I wouldn't dare start weeding your open websites.

Chris Ward

Chris Ward ends out our developer resolutions with this wise quote here:

Image title

And nope, I didn't want to leave that last bit off, ha! Can't leave behind any cute and clever puns... especially, a pun that kinda points to something larger. I think Chris is right; we need to always be looking outwardly and thinking about people—not just ourselves or those like us, but everybody, all of humankind. This is a resolution to live by and though we work in tech, we can't forget why we do it—ultimately, it's for people.

John Vester

*EDIT 10:35 AM Dec 29th* Not to be forgotten, ZL John Vester didn't have a specific resolution for himself, but instead has some wise words for devs to take into their New Year workflows... hey, tis the season to be giving:

Image title

Thanks for the advice John. And, sorry for delay in popping this one in!

The Resolution of Our List

So, we've finished out our list of dev resolutions and hopefully you've felt inspired to come up with your own New Year's resolution. Once again thanks to our ZL's for helping me out with this last minute list... show them some love in the comments and let us know your 2018 resolution!

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