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The 12 Days of Content (Day 4): 2017 Guides

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The 12 Days of Content (Day 4): 2017 Guides

To continue our fun series of articles for the holiday season, here's a complete list of the new DZone Guides that we released in 2017 (and 4 calling birds).

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DZone released 14 Guides in 2017 - the most we have ever released in a single year. Planning for each Guide begins as much as a year prior to its planned release and often runs right up to the Friday evening prior to its Monday launch. Each Guide requires a full team effort at DZone, and we also rely on the excellent DZone contributor community to provide us with the articles that you read.

On this 4th Day of the 12 Days of Content, we'd like to provide you with 4 calling birds a complete list of the 2017 Guides, and highlight the four first-time Guides for you to peruse.

The Four First-Time Guides of 2017

The DZone Guide to Orchestrating and Deploying Containers, released in August

Description: Containers provide increased speed to market and environmental consistency, unlocking the potential for automated development and deployment. The benefits of using them have been made clear. The 2017 Guide to Deploying and Orchestrating Containers covers how to automate your container monitoring, the 3 simple steps to securing your network for Kubernetes, a look at how Orchestrators are changing the game, and how you can leverage them today!

The DZone Guide to Automated Testing: Improving Application Speed & Quality, released in August

Description: Automated testing has many exciting benefits, like decreasing time to market, improving software quality, and incentivizing developers to build applications that will pass tests the first time around. The 2017 Guide to Automated Testing covers what code can or should be automated and tutorials to get you started. Learn more about mobile testing in Kotlin, go beyond what Selenium provides for web application testing, and take a deep dive into trends such as Behavioral-Driven Development and Visual Regression.

The DZone Guide to Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics, released in October

Description: The age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies seems to be right around the corner. Companies like Facebook & Google are breaking ground on astounding innovations in AI while others, like Tesla, warn of the possibility for harm. The purpose of this Guide is to steer you and your team through endless possibility, and to help build ethically responsible technologies that improve and enhance our lives.

The DZone Guide to Microservices: Breaking Down the Monolith, released in December

Description: Microservices haven’t yet hit their 10th birthday, and already, they have dramatically improved developers’ ability to easily change, replace, and scale applications. The increased popularity of Microservices has even led to the development of technologies that coordinate well with the architectural pattern. This Guide focuses on the best approaches to reduce overhead during migration, an efficient method that teams working with Microservices can communicate with each other, and the best hosts for your applications.

The List of the Remaining 2017 Guides

Below is the list of the other ten remaining Guides of 2017, listed in chronological order of release date.

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