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The 2017 DZone Community Awards Winners

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The 2017 DZone Community Awards Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Community Awards. Discover who was named Top MVB, Favorite Author, Zone Leader of the Year, Best Publication Author, and more.

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With the year drawing to a close, we at DZone wanted to show our appreciation for the awesome authors who made 2017 a huge success for our community. We selected ten categories for our end-of-year awards, and chose the winners through a variety of methods, including a survey of our active contributors. 

Congrats to the winners! 

Top MVB: Kin Lane 

Kin Lane is a truly prolific author who has had over 260 posts published to DZone this year alone. His content has earned a total of over 850 thousand pageviews thus far in 2017. We're sure he's not done for the year, so keep an eye out for his next post. Congrats, Kin! 

Readers' Choice, Favorite Author: Daniel Stori

Congrats to amazing comic artist and Zone Leader Daniel Stori for being named 2017's Favorite Author. We polled our active contributors and asked who they felt was the best author of the year, and Daniel came away with over twenty percent of the vote. Well done, Daniel! 

Editors' Pick: Erik Dietrich

The DZone Editorial Team voted for the top contributor of the year, and Erik Dietrich was the winner by a landslide. In 2017 alone, he had 170 articles published to DZone and received over 700 thousands pageviews on his posts. He's also been incredibly consistent, showing up on our MVB Leaderboards every month. Excellent work, Erik! 

Zone Leader of the Year: James Sugrue

James Sugrue is our longest-serving Zone Leader (10 years and counting!) and has always impressed us with his commitment to high-quality work and willingness to help out with various DZone projects. Also, we'd like to congratulate James on being promoted to CTO at his company! Awesome job, James! 

Readers' Choice, Best Publication Author: John Vester

Not only is John Vester one of our most active Zone Leaders, he's also one of our best publication authors. More than a quarter of our active contributors voted for John as their favorite publication author of the year. This year, he's written the RESTful API Lifecycle Management Refcard, as well as an excellent article for the DZone Guide to Integration: API Design and Management. Congrats, John! 

Best New Contributor: Shelby Blitz 

MVB Shelby Blitz of Sisense posted her first DZone article, "1o Techniques to Boost Your Data Modeling," in May of this year. In just seven months, she's become one of our top authors, posting consistently strong articles and driving pageviews to the Big Data and AI Zones. Amazing work, Shelby! 

Most Viewed Article: "Java String Format Examples" by Jay Sridhar

This article received a whopping 381 thousand pageviews (very impressive even for the Java Zone), along with 54 likes. It's held on to the top spot since its publication in February of this year, and beat out the next most-viewed article by more than 150 thousand pageviews. We'd like to give huge shoutout to MVB Jay Sridhar for sharing this amazing article with our audience. 

Top Sponsor Contributor: Markus Eisele

When we asked our Editorial Team to choose the top sponsor contributor of the year, Markus Eisele of Lightbend was immediately named the winner. Markus has been writing for DZone since February of 2011, and has continously produced fantastic content while also being wonderful to work with. Congratulations, Markus! 

Top Commenter: S Meerkat

At DZone, we appreciate a good conversation. Therefore, we'd like to thank S Meerkat for commenting more than any other DZone user this year.  He posted more than 375 comments during 2017, nearly 100 more than the next-leading commenter. Nice work, S! 

Readers' Choice, Best Article: "Do You Have 'Self-Taught' Imposter Syndrome?" by Jody Lee Fitzpatrick

Our readers have spoken! "Do You Have 'Self-Taught' Imposter Syndrome" by Jody Fitzpatrick is their favorite article of the year. This awesome Agile post was published back in June and received over 25 thousand pageviews and more than 120 likes. Well done, Jody!

Congratulations again to all of the winners! We'll be in touch shortly regarding your prizes. Also, thank you to all of 2017's contributors for making this a great year to be a DZone reader! 

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