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The 2017 DZone Research Guide Calendar

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The 2017 DZone Research Guide Calendar

Interested in writing for one (or more) of our Guides? Check out our schedule for the rest of the year and start planning your articles!

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After launching our Performance Guide on March 27th, we decided to share more information about Guide authorship and how to get involved. Read on for details. 

What are Research Guides?

DZone Research Guides provide readers with free industry-level snapshots of current and rising trends in technology in the form of 30-40 page eBooks. Every guide divulges strategies and best practices for implementing technology solutions, as well as a comprehensive listing of tools and solutions available in the space. DZone’s guides have been downloadedby 100s of thousands of technology professionals around the globe!

We release a Guide about once every month. Guide topics are typically our Zones: Cloud, Integration, Security, etc. Each of our Zones gets a Guide about once a year. 

Why Write a Guide Article?

For the money, of course! We pay our Guide authors for their content. Most Guide authors, however, contribute for the exposure and the experience rather than the compensation. Our Guides are downloaded by hundreds of thousands of software professionals, including CEOs and VPs of major tech companies. 

Plus, Guide authors can put "published author" next to their names! It's also one of the best ways to get thought leadership on a particular topic and get your name recognized by the DZone audience.

What Goes Into Writing a Guide Article?

The average Guide article is around 1,200 words. After the DZone editorial team approves you as an author and accepts your topics, you'll write your article draft. Our editors will then help you polish the article into its final form. You'll receive professional editing and support throughout the process. In addition to the article text, you'll need to provide a brief bio (including your credentials) and a nice close-up headshot. If your article includes graphs and data, you'll provide those as well, and our design team will make sure they look great and fit well with the rest of the Guide aesthetic. 

What Guides are Coming Up?

Below are the dates of the Guide releases we have planned for 2017, plus a list of key topics for each upcoming Guide. In the next few weeks, we'll update this list with our Q4 Guide releases. 

Q2 Guide Releases

IoT: Applications, Protocol, & Best Practices

Release Date: May 22nd

Key Topics: 

• IoT Security

• Industrial IoT

• Practical uses of IoT devices

• IoT protocols

• Best practices for programming IoT devices

• Serverless architectures

Java: Development & Evolution

Release Date: June 26th

Key Topics:

• Why Java is still relevant

• Java 9

• Microservices in Java

• Microprofiles

• Design patterns and anti-patterns

• Handling memory issues in Java

Q3 Guide Releases

Proactive Security: Apps, Environments & Messaging

Release Date: July 24th

Key Topics: 

• Blockchain

• SecOps

• Insider Threats

• Baking Security into the SDLC

• Java Security

Orchestrating & Deploying Containers

Release Date: August 7th

Key Topics:

• Containers

• Docker, Kubernetes

• Containerization

• Container Security

• High Availability

• Troubleshooting

• DevOps with Docker

• Containers as a Service

• Containers in production

Automated Testing: Improving Speed & Quality

Release Date: August 28th

Key Topics: 

• Mobile Testing

• Automation

• Transitioning from manual processes

• Best practices for testing scripts

• API Testing

• Browser Testing

Integration: API Design and Management

Release Date: September 25th

Key Topics:

• API Management

• Messaging

• ESBs

• API Design

• REST API Security

How Do I Get Started? 

If you'd like to write an article or checklist for an upcoming Guide, let the DZone editorial team know. Pitch us your idea at editors@dzone.com. Be sure to include your preferred Guide, desired topic(s) and format(s), your relevant technical experience, and a writing sample if you have one. 

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