The 6 Best Time-Saving Tools

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The 6 Best Time-Saving Tools

Since there are only 24 hours in the day, make the most of every moment with some of these tools to save you time and increase productivity.

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When you’re working as a business professional, your efficiency and productivity are typically only as good as the tools you use. Fortunately, with the advent of mobile data, smart devices, and software, the amount of time you have to spend stuck in the office on mundane tasks can be shaved down to a bare minimum. We’ve assembled a list of the best time-saving tools that also help you do more and stay organized. Here’s a quick look at each tool to help you get started.



When you need to push communications for your business, you can do it the easy way or the hard way, and Twilio is one of the best tools to make the process as easy as possible. It allows for easy integration of text, voice and video communications through an easy-to-use API with endless scalability. As a cloud-based service, it’s easily accessible for fast tweaks on the go while remaining fully featured from day one, allowing you access to all the communication tools you need to stay in touch with your client base.



Need to get massive numbers of emails out to your customers to drive brand engagement for your company? Sendgrid manages that process for a wide range of companies, including some seriously digitized giants such as Pinterest, Hubspot, Walmart, and Costco. Regardless of the environment, Sendgrid’s API makes it easy to contact customers quickly across SMTP or HTTP with only a few minutes of setup time involved in the process. It deals well with ISP monitoring, SPF, feedback loops and domain keys.


If Sendgrid gets your emails sent, Mailgun makes sure the emails arrive or, if not, discovers why if at all possible. Though it’s easy to send emails, optimizing the delivery process to improve engagement is a very difficult process. Mailgun provides an isolated sub-account for every domain, allowing every customer to establish its own sending queue as well as its own reputation, while allowing clients to manage thousands of their own customers independently with a single account.



Need to improve search across the board? Algolia is focused on delivering a better, faster search for its customers with an incremental search for semi-structured data. Not only does it deliver solid results in under 100ms from virtually any location worldwide, it helps to improve the ever-important user experience, lowering your overall bounce rate and improving conversions by helping customers find what they need on your website.



OAuth integration can be a difficult process, but oauth.io makes the process go much more smoothly, promising integration times as low as 90 seconds. This makes it much easier to connect to other facets of your app, shortening your overall development time. It also allows you to incorporate other aspects that improve your app’s usability, such as social sign-in or sign-up. By allowing you to easily incorporate an OAuth 2.0 layer onto your existing API, you gain all the benefits without all the extra work.

Digital Content API


If you don’t promote yourself, who will?

Rather than a single tool, Filestack provides an entire suite of solutions for your digital content API needs. By integrating all of these tools within a single setting, Filestack makes it much easier to process the content you need in a much shorter period of time, automating your overall workflow. It provides options for machine learning, upping your digitization game while lowering the amount of human interaction required for each task, such as finding the right picture to post.

There are numerous time-saving tools that empower businesses to operate more efficiently, freeing up more time for decision-makers to focus on their product. Please if you have any questions or get started with a free, fully featured trial.

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