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The Advantages of Combining Two RAD Solutions for Developing Web Apps

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The Advantages of Combining Two RAD Solutions for Developing Web Apps

Using two RAD solutions to develop a web application can help save a lot of time, which results in a lot of great benefits for the dev team.

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The goal of each developer is to create the finest possible application by minimizing errors while maximizing the quality and performance of the application. Therefore, Rapid Application Development (RAD) solutions are very often the ideal choice when developing business applications limited by time and resources.

Under circumstances which require development flexibility to change and update the application which is defined by the client, a RAD tool is essential for the development cycle. Only after positive client feedback can developers move to complete the application, meeting other requirements and matching quality standards.

Often, one solution is not enough to achieve all the clients’ requirements. Projects very often require new functionality to be created by coding new extensions which will require additional maintenance later on in the development process. Likewise, finding the right developers for the job could create additional challenges for IT managers.

To overcome these challenges, two complementary, out-of-the-box solutions which are already on the market could be combined to increase the choices that developers have when it comes to developing the custom functionality required by end users.

Technical Benefits:

  • Short Development Cycle – The mix of functionality, techniques, and best practices from these two solutions leads to shorter development cycles due to the increased number of resources available to be used. For example, combining user-friendly visuals from Oracle APEX Jet Charts with the advanced and powerful components (such as Grids) provided by FOEX, results in an application which needs no additional coding and it is built in a purely declarative way.
  • Enriched functional and non-functional application requirements– Each web application is designed and developed to meet and satisfy certain functional and non-functional requirements. Depending on the size and complexity of the application, the functional requirements may be related to the application's technical, business, security or process-based design. Combining two technologies would enrich the performance of the application by combining the best functions of both. The functional requirements could give an application additional value such as faster response time, scalability, and usability, while the UI and modern design, as the non-functional component, could be used from the second RAD tool.  

Business Benefits:

  • Costs reduction – Business-wise, using two declarative solutions for building web applications could cut a company’s development costs. If three developers are initially needed to build an app in three months, now one developer can create the same application in the same time frame by using these two out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Shorter time to market – Optimizing the time of launching the application cuts down the cycle time which ultimately saves money. Removing the unnecessary development time to get the finished application to the customer helps improve customer responsiveness. Ultimately, time could be an essential precondition for the application’s success or failure on the market. This is especially true if the application competes against multiple providers on the market which offer similar products.
  • Improvise, adapt, overcome - Substituting parts of development by implementing an additional out-of-the-box solution to solve the problem can contribute to building a more personalized application. By employing two solutions together, you could give various customized experiences to the final user based on their specific needs. If one of the tools provides great functionalities, but not modern UI, then why not use a second piece of software to fill in the gap?

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