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This article discusses how artificial intelligence impacts HR.

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At a talk a year ago, I discussed how AI was impacting HR, and while I urged those in attendance to think strategically about the role HR plays in ensuring people have the right skills to thrive in this changing workplace, many simply wanted to know what tactical support AI could provide in doing what they already do.

Suffice to say, there are services like that on the market, and more are emerging all the time. While many offer quite traditional services with bells and whistles on, there are some that are sufficiently interesting to warrant a mention here. One of these is Kronos, a startup who has started working with IBM to develop an AI-driven career coach that they’re calling AIMEE.

The collaboration aims to provide careers support to hourly workers by learning the habits and norms for each individual worker, offering them support with their training and overall growth. The ultimate aim is to not only ensure the workforce has the skills required but also to ensure they’re sufficiently engaged to stay at a particular company.

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In addition to supporting individuals, the platform also promises to give valuable data to HR managers as well, with information returned on everything from employee fatigue to succession planning. What’s more, the platform can also assist workers in maintaining a good work-life balance and even identify potential conflicts with their boss. The ultimate aim is to reduce the churn rate that is so damaging to so many companies, but especially in those hiring hourly workers.

“Together, IBM and Kronos are leveraging the power of Watson AI and Kronos leadership in workforce solutions to improve the engagement, development, and growth of hourly workers and to provide actionable insight to the people who manage them. The opportunity to serve this important segment of our global workforce and the enterprises who rely on hourly workers is significant and a major commitment for both our companies,” IBM says.

Suffice to say, there are other tools aiming to help in a similar way, and indeed, I wrote last year about a new tool launched by MOOC network Coursera that aims to provide a skills audit of any given organization before recommending courses to help plug any gaps. While this is a fascinating tool, AIMEE perhaps goes one step further.

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