The Azure IoT Suite is Now Available

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The Azure IoT Suite is Now Available

Learn all about Microsoft's new IoT offering, the Azure IoT Suite.

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Microsoft made two major announcements today at AzureCon, cementing their position as a driver for the Internet of Things. Their Azure IoT Suite, built on their cloud platform, is now available to purchase, as well as their Azure Certified for IoT program, which helps customers identify hardware and software offering compatible with their Azure IoT services.

The suite gives enterprises an easy, seamless way to connect people, devices, and assets without having to invest in major infrastructure overhauls. This allows Azure customers to move towards IoT systems without having to invest in completely new technologies.

After integration, the Azure IoT Suite provides real-time analytics from a variety of data points. The data is represented by intuitive, detailed dashboards that provide insights that allow a business to run more efficiently.

Microsoft is branding their approach as “The Internet of Your Things”, and you can learn more about their approach here.

And you can see how the Azure IoT suite works below:

You can read all of Microsoft’s announcement here.

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