The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

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The Basics of Artificial Intelligence

Look at some introductory AI articles on DZone, explore the concept of AI elsewhere on the web, and look at some publications related to AI.

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Welcome back to our monthly AI series! Last time, we took a look at quantum computing from a pirate's perspective. In this article, we're going to look at some introductory AI articles on DZone, explore the concept of AI elsewhere on the web, and look at some publications related to AI.

AI on DZone

Check out some of the top introductory AI articles on DZone to understand the basics of AI.

  1. 10 Machine Learning Algorithms You Should Know to Become a Data Scientist by Shashank Gupta. This is a whirlwind tour of common machine learning algorithms and quick resources about them which can help you get started on them.
  2. AI Programming: 5 Most Popular AI Programming Languages by Victor Osetskyi. If you're interested in learning more about AI development, read this to get an overview of the best languages to use when creating an AI program.
  3. Machine Learning: Real-World Applications by Jayesh Bapu Ahire. Machine learning is an incredible breakthrough in the field of AI. The ML applications listed here are just some of the many ways that this technology can improve our lives.
  4. Top 8 Deep Learning Frameworks by Mitul Makadia. AI coupled with the right deep learning framework can truly amplify the overall scale of what businesses are able to achieve and obtain within their domains.
  5. 28 Artificial Intelligence Terms You Need to Know by yours truly. These are some of the biggest definitions that you need to know when it comes to artificial intelligence.

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AI on the Web

Let's journey outside of DZone and check out some recent news, conferences, and more that should be of interest to database newbies.

Dive Even Deeper Into AI

DZone has Guides and Refcardz on pretty much every tech-related topic, but if you're specifically interested in databases these will appeal the most to you.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Steer through the endless possibilities of AI with ease, all the while building ethically responsible technologies that improve and enhance our lives, with DZone's first-ever AI Guide!
  2. Apache Spark: An Engine for Large-Scale Data Processing. This Refcard introduces Spark, explains its place in big data, walks through the setup and creation of a Spark application, and explainds commonly used actions and operations.

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