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The Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Search Traffic

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The Benefits of Responsive Web Design for Search Traffic

As the use of smartphones and tablets grow, it has become essential for web designers to opt for responsive web design to regulate the incoming traffic to their website.

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Gone are the days when the only device used to surf the internet was our computer. Today, there are a spree of devices that enable us to access the internet and do it more effectively. Therefore, the new buzz word for all web developers out there is responsive website designing as web pages have to be designed in such a way that they can be accessed from the numerous platforms available. Therefore, web designers all over the globe have now focused on SEO for responsive web design. In simple words, responsive web design involves the conversion of a website into a format that can be accessed from different devices like desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

As the use of smartphones and tablets grow, it has become essential for web designers to opt for responsive web design to regulate the incoming traffic to their website. Furthermore, there are also SEO benefits of ensuring that your website is responsive. This means that your website can get a better ranking in search engines if it has a responsive design. How? Listed below are some of the benefits of responsive web design for SEO:

  • First and foremost, the aim of search engines such as Google is to send their searchers to websites that are relevant to their search query and provide them with useful information. When visitors go through your website and return to the SERPs, it sends Google a signal about how useful your website was in helping people. If a mobile site doesn’t work properly, visitors are less likely to visit it again and they will look for alternatives. This will increase bounce rate and lead to a drop in rankings. However, with a responsive web design, websites will be compatible with all devices and visitors will have no problem at all.
  • Another benefit of having a responsive web design is that you don’t have to worry about being singled out for having duplicate content on the desktop and mobile version of your website. When the website is given a responsive design, the content is provided to the visitors from the same URL in all devices.
  • While Google and other search engines don’t provide details about how their algorithm determines rankings of websites, it has been disclosed that special preference is given to websites that have been optimized for mobile, desktop, tablet and other devices.
  • With a responsive web design, when someone links to your primary site, they are also linking to your mobile website. It is very easy for a visitor to connect to the main webpage from the mobile version by just clicking on the link provided. This can be extremely beneficial for SEO purposes as all links go to a single URL and offers a brilliant user experience to all visitors.
  • If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, it can suffer from high bounce rates. This can have a negative impact on the overall ranking of your website in search engine results. On the other hand, if you have provided a responsive website design, you can get a good rank for your website in search results and this can also boost traffic.
  • Seven seconds is the average time needed by a mobile page for loading, but the ideal time mentioned by Google is 1 second. As there is no need for redirection of queries to go to a certain URL in the case of responsive web design due to the unique URL system, the time required for a mobile page to get loaded is significantly less. Thus, a responsive design reduces the loading time and leads to better search engine optimization.

Statistics indicate that mobile searches have already taken over web searches and the difference is going to get even more obvious with time. Therefore, if businesses don’t wish to lose customers and want to ensure regular traffic to their website, they should make it a priority to ensure that their website is responsive and can be accessed from a wide variety of platforms. This will undoubtedly help them in improving their search engine optimization efforts, leading to higher incoming traffic, more leads and increased conversion rates, which eventually translate into greater sales and profits.

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