The Best iPaaS Platforms and Tools for 2020

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The Best iPaaS Platforms and Tools for 2020

iPaaS is the fuel for Digital Business Transformation. This is list of few notable vendors in the iPaaS space.

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What Is iPaaS?

iPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service is a cloud-based integration that works with a lightweight, multi-tenant, and in a horizontally scalable manner. It is primarily for the companies, which rely on cloud integrations or are planning to adopt cloud integrations as it is more prompt and compliant, which helps in the integration of new applications in an existing framework. iPaaS provides the best service to the companies who wish to accomplish real-time analytics or merge data from a variety of applications and devices into a single, coherent view.

2020 Best iPaaS Platforms and Tools

1. TIBCO Cloud Integration TIBCO Cloud Integration includes a selective collection of Scribe, Flogo, and BusinessWorks integration platforms, which offers a wide range of capabilities for business users to integration experts. It allows a user to connect rapidly with a critical cloud and on-premises business applications and data sources.

2. Dell Boomi Dell Boomi is a multi-tenant, on-demand cloud integration platform that connects on-premises data and applications with cloud, supports IoT and API design and management and Master Data management (MDM). Dell Boomi's target market is set from the upper-mid market to large enterprises. This product comes with a variety of pre-built connectors and various popular applications.

3. eZintegrations Works on limited input from a user and makes data integration easy, affordable, and quick. Data works better with eZintegrations, a cloud-based, no-code, powerful, iPaaS platform that integrates any application or database. Its usability is not just about code or no-code, it is constantly developing and improving AI and machine learning technology to provide smoother assistance which is easy to use. It is available on a free trial for 30 days.

4. IFTTT “If this, then that”, also known as IFTTT is a software platform that ties various applications, services, and devices from diverse developers to generate one or more automation involving those applications, services, and devices. The name of the product exactly describes what it does. IFTTT intends to give easy and straightforward automation to a range of tasks and aims at providing better tools to both consumers and business groups within corporations.

5. Azuqua It is a cloud-based, no-code iPaaS platform obtained by Okta–an enterprise identity seller, designed not only for technical users but for the citizen integrators as well. It lets its users, to integrate their SaaS applications as well as build powerful automation to reduce manual work and save time. Azuqua is a suitable choice for buyers who are looking for an internal iPaaS as it sells to direct customers.

6. Workato It is a low-code, enterprise iPaaS platform made for companies looking for a strong integration solution, which can be used by non-developers. The target user of Workato is the business system team, not the central IT department. It is the leader of iPaaS and has been recognized by over 20,000 companies, providing an integrated platform for intelligent automation and better customer experience. This iPaaS tool facilitates business and IT team collaboration to build, run, and compress automation without negotiating control and security. 

7. Jitterbit Jitterbit helps in easy connections with SaaS, cloud, and on-premises applications. It can easily infuse intelligence into any business process and can create new APIs rapidly from any existing enterprise application or data. Jitterbit is suitable for upper mid-market consumers who are constantly trying to manage the integration of relatively large numbers of SaaS applications.

8. Zapier — It is an online tool that helps in the automation of different apps and tasks into workflows. It keeps data consistent in many web applications, connects applications, and is often referred to as a translator between web APIs. A user can easily connect two or more applications to automate recurring tasks without using coding or relying on developers to build the integration. It can be easily used by anyone to build their app workflows with just a few clicks.

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