The Best Productivity Tools for Developers in 2019

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The Best Productivity Tools for Developers in 2019

Work smarter, not harder. Increase the output of yourself or your team with this list of productivity tools.

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I’ve dealt with plenty of developers who got into tech and felt lost, were afraid every time they had to code, and who felt they just can’t think like a programmer. These people go through some real struggles because they do not have the right experience or the right tools.

Developers have to come out with some amazing work. They don't have it easy. It takes a lot of knowledge, attention to details, logical thinking, research, and above all, time. They are always busy and have to keep focus to make sure they do not make mistakes. All in all, it’s a challenging and responsible job. Therefore, it’s apparent for a decrease in productivity with all the tasks, data, and deadlines.

Productivity is really hard to measure in the developers' world. Do you ever feel like your day just disappears? Do you feel overwhelmed by the expectations placed on your work? Thankfully, there are several ways to overcome this, and some special productivity tools for developers are a great way to improve results. Below, I have got a list of productivity tools for developers to make work faster and more efficient. 

ProofHub: To Have Full Control Over Your Tasks

Everyone needs project management, including developers. In ProofHub, you can manage your list of things to do with simple to-do lists to make sure you don't overwhelm your schedule. With ProofHub you can prioritize, add tasks, assign tasks, proof documents and files, assign a start and end date to a task, create a custom workflow, share documents, online discussions, set time entries in timesheets, collaborate and work in complete harmony with the team. It has got a powerful mobile app for both Android as well as iOS.

Sublime Text: To Code, Markup, and Prose

Sublime Text is one of the most powerful text editors for developers to perform virtually any operation on text to improve productivity and workflow. It is useful for simple tasks like keeping to-do lists, editing config files, or writing batch scripts. One more great element is that all of the power of the new Adaptive theme is available for any theme to use! Sublime Text is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. You’ll love the slick user interface and massively useful productivity features.

Google Keep: To Jot Ideas Down on Virtual Sticky Notes

Google Keep is a note-taking service by Google, because everybody needs sticky notes to remind themselves of important tasks on the desktop. You can replace those sticky notes with Google Keep. It’s a sticky note app that works everywhere. Add its extension to Chrome, and whenever you come across a link you want to keep for the future or have an idea to save, simply add it to Google Keep through the extension on your browser. Pin your notes, add labels and collaborators, list tasks with bullet points, or add reminders to the most important things. If you want to use the notes in your work, the Google Keep sidebar in Google Docs lets you drag notes into your documents.

musicForProgramming: To Listen to While Programming

musicForProgramming is a handy little online tool with a long playlist of non-vocal music to help you stay in the zone. They have an interesting concept with a music generator on the website meant to increase productivity. Its interface mimics a code editor to visually link the website to your work. You’ve just got to put your headphones on, select one of the 52 playlists (mostly instrumental), available and listen.

LeanKit: To Sync up Teams

LeanKit is a tool that gives all team members and project stakeholders a shared understanding of the work. It shares lean principles, work methodologies across the organization to deliver value faster. You can visualize your work to have a bigger understanding and work together more effectively. It lets all team members post virtual notes or bugs that need to be looked at. You can integrate LeanKit with your actual enterprise applications to let information flowing between teams.

The Silver Searcher: To Search Code

The Silver Searcher is ranked among the most efficient productivity tools for developers, as it saves the time of developers who are mostly “reading” or “searching” code while people call it “writing” code. This code-searching tool is about 34 times faster than Ack in displaying results. You can install it on Mac, Linux, Windows, and BSD.

HeySpace: To Keep Everybody Up-To-Date

Take your team communication to the next level. HeySpace is an innovative task management software with chat features. Send messages to your team to manage tasks, reduce meetings to a minimum, and keep everybody up-to-date. It’s a combination of Slack and Trello. On HeySpace you can easily convert part of your conversation into a task. Every task can be adjusted – you can set dates, assign people to it, add tags, descriptions, files, and comment on it. You can also share files. It allows you to create many spaces, if, for example, you work for various projects or have different clients. Highly recommended for a small/medium size business.

Habitica: To Track the Progress With Your Daily Coding Task

Habitica makes it simple to have fun while accomplishing goals. This is one of the best productivity tools for developers to treat work like a game. Habitica takes you to the old pixel-like platform world where you can fight with daily, weekly, and long-term goals, habits, and to-do lists. It treats your daily workload as an RPG game where you can level up by completing your tasks. For every goal achieved you receive points with the challenge of keeping your character alive. You can try Habitica’s guilds and group quests if you code in a team and you’re a fan of games.

WakaTime: To Automatically Track the Time You Spend Programming

WakaTime is primarily a coding productivity tracker with a collection of open-source text editor plugins that give programmers insights into how they code. This tool follows your work when you’re programming. It shows you all the details on your work as a developer, personal coding dashboard, weekly or daily email reports, private leaderboards, what file you’ve been working on and even the language you're using. The program provides you with metrics on the time you spend on a particular file. You can also make use of the text editors and IDE plugins.

Wrapping Up

I hope this list of tools give you a way to maximize your productivity, organize projects, and keep coding efficiently. It takes time, sometimes years, to be an exemplary developer. So when you’re starting out, be sure to build the right habits to build efficiency.

Did I miss anything? Have you got a productivity tool for developers that is not listed here? Share it with us in the comments below.

Happy coding!

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