The Best Tech Conferences That Should Be On Your Radar

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The Best Tech Conferences That Should Be On Your Radar

Mark your calendars! Here's a list of some of the tech industry's top conferences that you won't want to miss (especially if you like free trips to San Francisco).

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Tech conferences are events that are becoming more and more popular with businesses and their employees. These conferences allow business professionals to stay updated with the many technological advancements that have been created. Tech conferences are held throughout the year, every year, and are available for any and all technological professionals.

At tech conferences, people come to learn about new technology, backup solutions, and to understand what customers are looking for from their businesses. The tech conferences provide people with a networking opportunity where they are able to talk with customers, vendors, and other companies. Here are eight of the top tech conferences across the United States.

Citrix Summit

This year, the Citrix Summit will take place in Anaheim, California. This conference is great for business development partners. People who attend this conference are able to learn about the Citrix digital business strategies. There are highly technical sessions, different types of business training sessions, and meetings that provide sales insights. Attendees have the opportunity to learn how to deliver tools to help strengthen business relationships while taking advantage of market prospects and searching for more deals and opportunities.


This year’s UXCamp will be in Washington DC. It will offer a friendly and business-like environment for all participants. The UXCamp has 24, 45-minute seminars and workshops all in one day. The event focuses on idea sharing centered around UX design. This conference allows attendees to meet new people, share ideas, and learn about the latest developments in UX design.

DevOps Remote Conference

DevOps Remote Conference is a unique type of tech conference. This conference is done entirely online over three to four days and focuses on different techniques for web development. It provides an opportunity for business employees and officials to have a chance to participate in training without taking off work. Participation in this conference is very cost effective as there are no extra travel costs.

Google Cloud Next

The Google Cloud Next conference takes place in San Francisco and focuses on cloud development and is highly recommended for Google Cloud developers. There are special guests that speak at the conference such as Google’s CEO and the Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Google Cloud Next provides those who attend an opportunity to share ideas and engage with experts and peers. Participants are also introduced to industry executives, potential customers, partners, developers, IT professionals, and engineers who have specialized in cloud development.


BuzzJS is a conference that focuses on application development. BuzzJS takes place in New York and is recommended if you or your business uses JavaScript. Each session is 45 minutes long and covers a variety of JavaScript technologies. The BuzzJS conference is designed to bring core developers, project leaders, authors, and trainers together.

So Ember Conference

The So Ember Conference focuses on web development and is dedicated to advancing technology and the community of Ember. There is a total of eight speakers, seven showcase speakers, and one keynote speaker. Attendees also are able to network with Ember enthusiasts during the pre-conference activities that the conference officials hold every year.

Mobile Growth Summit

The Mobile Growth Summit helps those who attend to learn about mobile development. This is the largest Mobile focused conference in North America. It is a two-day event that is full of speakers who discuss the monetization of mobility, user acquisition, and the engagement and retention processes that lead to delivering sufficient results. It is a non-vendor conference that provides an environment to meet and learn from other mobile industry professionals.

Interaction 17

Interaction 17 focuses on design and is considered an investigation that looks into the effect the digital designers have on the future of our society. Some of the topics being further discussed include simple visual affordances, new physical interfaces, the process of organization, social, political, and economic qualities that shape organizations.

Tech conferences allow those in the technological industry to gather together and network with others like them. It also and gives these professionals the opportunity to discuss different techniques and developments in their chosen field. Tech conferences expand your professional network, help participants learn solutions from other professionals, improve an individual's skills and techniques, and can also encourage people to continue doing what they love to do.

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