The Case for Connected Devices in School Buses

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The Case for Connected Devices in School Buses

An example of how the Internet of Things can benefit schools, parents, and children by being implemented in school buses.

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Technology used for the Internet keeps changing rapidly. If you look at the devices used for accessing the internet this becomes evident. The size of web access devices is getting smaller with time. The analogue, digital divide is also getting blurred. In the near future, you will find internet access and integration in devices you could not even dream of a few years ago. The IoT or Internet of things is going to change how people communicate and live, in general, say the experts. It is not only about using a refrigerator with inbuilt cameras or a TV running on Android OS, the invasiveness can be more intense. Even school buses can have IoT devices that will make sending kids to school a safer experience.

How IoT Deployment Makes School Commuting Safer and Better

There is no denying sending kids to school is not exactly a smooth experience for the majority of parents. This is true even for those living in developed countries. There are a few issues related to school commuting that worry parents and school authorities:

  • Delay in reaching school and home
  • Nature of the school bus driver
  • Students getting into scuffles on the bus
  • Accidents during transit

Listed below are the benefits school authorities and parents enjoy when IoT devices are deployed in school buses:

  • This enables the parents to get updates on the route and position of school buses at all times. They get to know how far the kids are from reaching school or home. GPS monitoring and tracking is very accurate. They will not be worrying about delays caused by traffic, which can happen sometimes.
  • Parents worrying about the driver of the school bus will feel relaxed after deployment of IoT devices. The bus, fitted with GPS and online surveillance measures, can be tracked by school management at all times. So it becomes a breeze to find out if the driver is deviating from the usual route. Even if the driver drives above the suggested speed limit, it can be easily detected.
  • The school buses equipped with CCTV cameras and high speed internet enables the school authorities to get a close view of what is going inside at all times. So, it becomes easy to know what exactly happened if a scuffle breaks between students.
  • The school buses equipped with IoT also have equipments for the driver to alert school authorities about any emergency including medical situations. This helps the school authorities take fast actions which also ensures parents can be relaxed. There is reduced risk of the parents and school authorities getting into the blame game as a result.
  • Using IoT for school transportation can also prove to be time saving for everyone involved. Parents need not call up school management for many issues related to school commuting. The schools can also interact with parents about the same online.
  • Even students can benefit from the implementation of IoT in their school buses! They can use fast WiFi on the bus to access the web using their laptops and tablets. This helps them do their homework on the move.

Where it All Leads To

As it is, deploying IoT in school buses brings lots of benefits for everyone, parents, students, and school authorities in the long run. The stress and tension parents and schools face over safety of students is largely minimized. It also ensures the drivers cannot act weird. So, it is only logical that it gets implemented in school buses in the near future.

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