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The Certainty of Change

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The Certainty of Change

Developers are the most precious and scarce resource for value creation. Learn more in this interview with Ayman Sayed, President and CTO of CA Technologies.

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It was great having the opportunity to speak with Ayman Sayed, President and CTO of CA Technologies during the recent Built to Change Summit. Prior to his three-year role at CA, Ayman headed the network operations systems group at Cisco for 16 years. He has seen the evolution of IT from the front lines.

Following are his thoughts on the rate of change we are seeing today, the impact on developers, and where he sees the industry going.

We are living in an integrated world where everything we build must be able to integrate with third-party apps, as well as open source. What you build must be able to meet the needs of large enterprises as well as SMEs since oftentimes you will have a developer download your solution to see if it will solve a particular problem before (s)he will recommend their employer buy it.

Today, products are bought rather than sold and customers want to "try before they buy" hence the need to provide a free trial. In fact, in this day and age, you may not even know who has downloaded your product if they bought it through AWS. Every solutions provider needs to have a "land and expand" philosophy for every platform - mobile to mainframe.

What are the most significant shifts you are seeing in the market?

Our clients are now managing projects to drive positive business outcomes. It is incumbent on us to know the business initiative our client is supporting so we can provide the greatest value.

There has been a shift from planning to learning – systems that support self-learning with AI/ML, here’s what’s likely to happen and here’s what we think you should do. Organizations are looking for insights and using those insights to make informed decisions.

Organizations are looking for the value in their data. They are embedding AI/ML and predictive analytics to monetize and translate into business success. This helps them link technology investment with results.

We have an insurance customer with the goal to get 60 million new customers in a healthcare offering. We are helping them build the systems and working with them on how to implement DevOps and connect technology to achieve their business goals.

Predicting what will happen and prescribing changes is the holy grail. From business agility to DevOps. Organizations are evolving from technology strategy to business strategy.

The discussion has shifted from the need for DevOps to embarking on a DevOps journey. The questions I am getting show me they want help in making the transformation faster.

How is CA positioned to meet their needs?

We are a product company. We offer a suite of products for holistic workflow. We are able to provide blueprints to clients based on our deep experience in many different industries.

How has the importance of security changed?

We see the opportunity for organizations to offer security as a competitive advantage. We have a client in the payment security business who has reduced losses from fraud by more than 25% while reducing the number of false positives by 35%.

Our risk analytics network triangulates data points across multiple networks and provides a frictionless service in under 5 milliseconds per transaction.

How has the role of developers changed?

Developers are a lot more important today and will become even more so. Developers are creating value and driving more change for the organization. Developers are the most precious and scarce resource for value creation.

We work to automate as much as we can to free developers up to perform higher value activities. It's a great time to be a developer. Developers are more relevant than ever. That's why we work to empower and free developers from the mundane by providing tools and systems to unleash the value of the data.

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