The Cloudcast #204—NGINX for Docker and Microservices

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The Cloudcast #204—NGINX for Docker and Microservices

Listen to the Cloudcast talk to Sara Novotny about her involvement in open source communities, container performance, and how NGINX interacts with the Docker ecosystem.

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Date: July 8, 2015

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron and Brian talk to Sarah Novotny (@sarahnovotny) about her involvement in multiple open source communities, how L4-L7 services interact with containers, how NGINX interacts with multiple aspects of the Docker ecosystem and architectural patterns she is seeing with container deployments.

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Topic 1 - You are really well-connected and embedded in open source communities. Give us a little background on not only what you do at NGINX, but also OSCON and some other other communities you engage with.

Topic 2 - Your talk this week is about “Interconnecting Your Containers at Scale”, and the abstract includes the word “stevedore”. I had to look it up, and it means “the person that loads and unloads cargo on a dock” (appropriate metaphor for DockerCon). Be honest, did you know that word before this talk?

Topic 3 - NGINX makes a great load-balancer / proxy. It not only has to deal with dynamic scale and policies associated with apps, but it also maintains some amount of state. Let's dig into what that means with the ephemeral nature of containers.

Topic 4 - We had breakfast the other day and you were telling me that many NGINX conversations are often less about the specific features/functionality and instead are more application-architecture. Give us some examples of what that means for Cloud Native applications, or uniqueness for containers?

Topic 5 - Where are you seeing the important points of integration for NGINX? Is it at the container level, or higher-level services (eg. Swarm/Kubernetes/Mesos), or do you see more customized integrations with policy services or other application services?

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