The Cloudcast #211 - Mesosphere DCOS

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The Cloudcast #211 - Mesosphere DCOS

In this episode, Aaron talks to Ben Hindman, co-creator of Apache Mesos, about building Mesos, problems at scale, and Kubernetes.

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Date: August 29, 2015

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron talks with Ben Hindman (@benh; Co-creator of ApacheMesos, Founder of @mesosphere) about his time at Twitter, building Mesos, understanding problems at scale, how Mesos compares to Kubernetes, Mesosphere DCOS and the recent announcements with Microsoft.

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Topic 1 - Give us some of your background and how you went from working on Apache Mesos at Twitter to becoming involved with Mesosphere?

Topic 2 - It’s been about a year since we talked about Mesos on the show. We’ve talked about Kubernetes a few times. Can you give us the basics of each of those technologies because sometimes people confuse them or think they are interchangeable or overlapping.

Topic 3 - Let’s talk about Mesosphere and DCOS (Data Center Operating System). People talk about “durable and declarative” infrastructure for applications. How does DCOS accomplish this?

Topic 4 - Mesosphere includes not only systems and schedulers for the underlying container infrastructure, but also application-level schedulers. What are the differences, and how does a development team vs. an ops team interact with Mesosphere?

Topic 5 - What types of applications are you seeing Mesosphere customers running in this new environment? One thing we heard at VelocityConf was that there is work within Apache Mesos to look at adding support for stateful applications or stateful data - what’s the status of that?

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