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The Cloudcast #225 - VMware and Containers

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The Cloudcast #225 - VMware and Containers

Learn about VMware's take on Docker and cloud native apps.

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Aaron talks with Kit Colbert (@kitcolbert, VP & CTO Cloud Native Apps, VMware) at DockerCon EU about growing up in the VMware ecosystem and transferring skills to a cloud native apps world. Topics include VMware Integrated Containers, how the Docker and VMware tools fit together, evolution vs. revolution of operations, and future plans for VMware and containers.

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Date: November 28, 2015

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

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Topic 1 - I grew up in VMware virtualization and the associated ecosystem. As you speak to VMware customers about the transition to Cloud Native Apps, how have the discussions been going? It's a very different audience that VMware's usual buyer.

Topic 2 - Give us the basics of how the VMware Integrated Containers (VIC) elements align with Docker elements (machine, swarm, etc.).

Topic 3 - The Docker tools tend to be a natural fit for developers and VMware has always made great tools for Ops. Are people understanding where and how they should integrate vs. keeping functions separate?

Topic 4 - What is VMware’s plan around schedulers like Kubernetes and Mesos?

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