The Cloudcast #229 - Weaveworks and New Stack Architectures

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The Cloudcast #229 - Weaveworks and New Stack Architectures

Learn all about the emerging container based architecture stacks and models emerging in the software space.

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Aaron talks to Alexis Richardson (@monadic, Co-founder and CEO @Weaveworks) about new container based architecture stacks and models, the state of Docker today and how to decipher this ever changing ecosystem

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Date: December 9, 2015

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

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Topic 1 - Alexis, give us some background on yourself (RabbitMQ) as well as Weaveworks.

Topic 2 - What is your view of the Docker ecosystem today?

Topic 3 - Tell us about the state of networking in Docker today. This space is evolving quickly and has become a very hot market. What problems are you trying to solve that differentiates you from the others including SocketPlane (which has been absorbed into Docker). Isn’t the whole idea behind Weave is how to maintain your application and it’s networking without doing “unnatural acts” to get containers and networking to work together. How do the Weave products fit into this? Give us the decoder ring… (more than Weave Net)

Topic 4 - How do CoreOS or Kubernetes figure into all of this?

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