The Cloudcast #230 - The Docker Ecosystem

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The Cloudcast #230 - The Docker Ecosystem

Hear about the Docker ecosystem and the newly released Docker Universal Control Plane.

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Aaron talks to Nick Stinemates (@nickstinemates, VP Biz Dev @Docker) about Nick's life before business development, building a vibrant community around Docker, and how partners can co-exist within this new ecosystem.

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Date: December 15, 2015

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

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Topic 1 - You have a super interesting background. You’ve gone from the techie world to the dark side. Tell us about your journey to where you are today. What’s it like to be the “old guys around Docker” having been here over 2 years.

Topic 2 - The big announcement today was on Docker Universal Control Plane. It would appear that Trusted Registry Docker has created a place to store containers and then with Universal Control Plane a place to run containers. Is this a correct assessment? How do you see the next 12 months playing out for Docker customers? How does Tutum fit into this?

Topic 3 - What are the challenges you hear about most today as you work on technical alliances? Are you the one that got Ben on every stage at every keynote last year?


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