The Cloudcast #233 - NATS, a REST Alternative - Cloud Native Infrastructure

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The Cloudcast #233 - NATS, a REST Alternative - Cloud Native Infrastructure

Learn about NATS, a REST Alternative. Pretty crazy, right?

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Aaron and Brian talk with Larry McQueary - (@McQueary; Product Manager at Apcera for NATS.io Cloud Native Infrastructure) about messaging platforms for microservices and distributed applications, how they differ from Enterprise Service Bus and how IoT applications have new requirements on the backend systems.

Show Notes:  

- How NATS, a REST Alternative, Provides Messaging for Distributed Systems


  • Topic 1 - People know Apcera from previous shows and discussions about Platforms. NATS is part of Apcera's platform, but it's also an independent project. Help us understand how the two are connected and separate?
  • Topic 2 - Let's talk about the basics of NATS? What's the difference between a message-bus and an enterprise-service-bus (or caching layers)?
  • Topic 3 - What types of applications use NATS and what are some of the characteristics (or architecture) of NATS that make it so fast and scalable?
  • Topic 4- Everybody is talking about mobile and IoT these days. We know about phones and sensors, but what do the back-end systems look like and how does this interact with NATS?
  • Topic 5 - How would someone deploy NATS? It is something that is best in a private cloud environment because of the performance requirements, or could it also run in multi-tenant, shared public cloud environments?

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