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The Cold Hard Truth About Microservices

So you think you’re going to do microservices? Did you also try to adopt SOA? And agile? And scrum?

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Is iPaaS solving the right problems? Not knowing the fundamental difference between iPaaS and dPaaS could cost you down the road. Brought to you in partnership with Liaison Technologies.

So you think you’re going to do microservices? Did you also try to adopt SOA? And agile? And scrum?

Update: links to the in-person preso and the webinar I did for these talks are here: In person @IteratePHX and Virtual JBUG webinar

Business needs are getting more complex, demanding, and changing rapidly. You tried all the past hyped technologies and architectures but those promises have been under-delivering. Can microservices help here?

Believe it or not, technology isn’t going to be the deciding factor. Adopting Spring Boot and fancy distributed config management or highly opinionated cloud infrastructure isn’t going to get you to DevOps/Microservices/CloudNative/Insert-buzzword-here. But organizations can be successful with these tools, so where are we missing?

So I’ll touch on these things – we’ll dig deeper to figure out what are the bottlenecks so we can help organizations really achieve some of the unmet promises in the wake of technology hype – including microservices.

Join me (free!) at the Virtual JBoss User’s Group. From that page you can use the Time Zone calculator to figure out (1p EDT / 10 am PDT) which time zone this will air live. Then join the YouTube Channel at the appropriate time and submit questions via IRC on Freenode #vjbug channel.

Thanks to Paul Robinson, the Newcastle JBUG, and Markus Eisle for hosting me!

Discover the unprecedented possibilities and challenges, created by today’s fast paced data climate and why your current integration solution is not enough, brought to you in partnership with Liaison Technologies.

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