The Death of Passwords

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The Death of Passwords

Enterprises need to start preparing for a future without passwords.

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The Problem With Passwords

If you’ve been paying attention to cybersecurity trends over the last few years, you’ll already know that security problems are frequently found “between chair and keyboard” (often shortened to PEBCAK in IT circles). The dangers of bad password hygiene are better known by “average” users than ever, with 81 percent of company data breaches caused by poor passwords.

At the same time, technology is reaching further into the corners of our lives, both at work and at home. Because password technology puts the onus on individuals to safely and securely manage their own access methods, users are increasingly put in positions where they’re responsible for security problems.

Users fall into two main camps with passwords. The less educated often practice poor password hygiene, re-using passwords, using easily discovered information like birth dates, pet names, or favorite sports teams (easily found out from social media), and failing to update passwords frequently. Better educated users often use longer, more random passwords, with different ones for every application. These passwords are actually much easier for machines to crack, as the well-known XKCD cartoon about password strength tells us.

A Passwordless Future?

The obvious way to solve this security problem isn’t to “improve” how we use passwords. By making use of technology, it’s rapidly making sense to do away with passwords (or at least to minimize their use). You have probably already heard of multi-factor authentication (MFA or 2FA). There’s no reason why the methods used to identify users have to include password-based login.

Passwordless login methods such as email, smart device, app, or SMS-based verification can be used to identify users. With always-on email and device-based verification via smart devices now an accessible feature for most users, any number of password-free login methods become practical. Additionally, risk can easily be mitigated by the ability to send alerts about unusual account or login activity.

Passwordless Means Faster and More Secure

Faster, simpler, and more secure login procedures attract and retain customers by making their lives easier. Give your customers access to the latest passwordless login features today with LoginRadius.

Tomorrow’s digital world isn’t going to be a secure world if we keep relying on passwords for security, so it’s time you consider the best way to move to a passwordless future.

To know more about passwordless login, check out the infographic below:

The Death of Passwords [Infographic]

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