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The Developer Economics Survey Needs Your Input!

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The Developer Economics Survey Needs Your Input!

Share your development knowledge and maybe win yourself something cool.

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SlashData has released the 16th Developer Economics Survey and is eagerly awaiting your feedback.

The survey asks about the platforms, languages, frameworks, and resources you use — both personally and professionally — to see where the developer ecosystem is at and where it's going.

It will be up until January 20th, so you've got time to take it all at once or in pieces, whichever is convenient.

On top of informing the state of software development, your responses can earn you prizes and will help support a good cause.

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Answer some questions, win a prize!

Every section of the survey — ranging from your background and skills to your tools and areas of development interest — has prizes you can win. You'll also receive an AI character at the end of the survey, so the more thorough you are, the better!

And if you're the altruistic type, for each completed response to the survey, SlashData will donate money to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

So help yourself out, help your fellow developers out, and help the Raspberry Pi Foundation out! Take the Developer Economics Survey and keep the world informed.

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