The Developer’s Work/Life Balance: International Edition

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The Developer’s Work/Life Balance: International Edition

One of the most important things to develop as a developer is a solid work life balance. Read on for a look at barriers and solutions.

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If you are a developer, chances are that you experience an uncommon mix of personal freedom and professional strictures. Developers are a specialized bunch. Their work is not accomplished quickly, but their skills are hotly pursued by a variety of industries. Due to the nationwide shortage of great talent for an expanding pool of job openings, many great developers are finding that there are more job benefits available to them than ever before. Someone like you might be one job change away from compensation and benefits beyond what you’ve allowed yourself to dream.

For this and many other reasons, living (or at least frequently traveling) abroad has become a common lifestyle choice for developers. Because so many developers are able to do their work from any location with decent internet speeds, this has led many of these professionals to ply their trades remotely. This allows them to explore a fascinating work/life balance, one which enables them to see sights and locales not accessible to most people. It’s a great life, but there are certain impediments which, if not overcome, will not allow you to take your life in this direction.  

The Problems (and Solutions)

The first issue is money. It always is. It’s expensive to pick up and move overseas. Even if you are just going for a few days or weeks, the price of a plane flight keeps some people from making this kind of move. For those hoping to stay long term, there is the problem of transferring their North American salary into the local currency. There are many different companies which transfer currencies on an international level, but not all of them are affordable or reliable. This World First Online Platform Review illustrates the gold standard by which the best international money transfer companies will live by. Find a company like this to work with and you won’t have any problem making long term travel affordable.

Another common problem is social/familial in nature. Many developers aren’t willing to pursue a life overseas, even in the short term, because of social or family connections. Maybe they don’t want to worry their aging parents. Maybe they have a child from a previous marriage with whom they want to maintain contact. These issues are a little more difficult to deal with than the financial matters illustrated above. Do what’s right for you. The recommendation that I will make is: if you are presently in a situation where your friends and family situation allows you to travel, do so now. It’ll only get more difficult to do so, and you’ll be glad (for the rest of your life) that you worked overseas, at least for awhile.

Final Thoughts

There are many great reasons for the talented developer to ply his or her trade overseas, with the intention of experiencing a different standard of living than what’s available in the home country. Accomplishing this goal isn’t an afternoon affair, but it’s doable and worth it. Find ways to make it happen, and you’ll surely be glad that you did.

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