The DevOps Weekly: 10/4 – 10/10

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The DevOps Weekly: 10/4 – 10/10

Last week of summer keep you from keeping up with DevOps? We've compiled the best articles from the last week for you.

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Welcome to the DevOps weekly! Here are the best posts from last week you may have missed: link sheets for TDD resources and OSX DevOps tools, how the Observer Effect impacts microservices, and how to build container delivery pipelines with Docker.

The Big List of TDD and Unit Testing Knowledge - Michał Franc

This link sheet is a great resource for anyone hoping to learn anything about test-driven development and unit testing. Franc has split his list into sections for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. Resources include screencasts, books, articles, and pluralsight courses.

The Best DevOps Tools on OSX - Dustin Collins

Both Collins and DZone use Macs for development, so this is a great resource for anyone else in the same boat! His list includes collaboration tools like Slack and Screenhero, development tools like Vagrant and ChefDK, and a few miscellaneous useful items like Evernote and Yoink. 

The Impact of the Observer Effect on Microservices Architecture - Lori MacVittie

The Observer Effect states that that observing something changes the thing being observed, sort of like how you stay off Reddit when your boss is in the room. In the context of software, the act of monitoring architecture degrades performance by a certain amount. Now if you're monitoring a hundred smaller pieces of that infrastructure, imagine how that effects performance. MacVittie goes on to explain how to improve your monitoring technique and how to avoid the Observer Effect.

Building Effective, Secure Container Delivery Pipelines With Docker - Andrew Phillips

The latest article from Andre Phillips tackles the subect of containers, and how you can apply lessons from implementing continuous delivery to delivery containers. Many writers have praised Docker for putting more power into the hands of Dev versus Ops, but this article has some great discussion points on how that isn't the case and how to create an effective system. This includes the usage of SCM, keeping the CI system owned by Ops, and all kinds of ways to manage your base Docker images. 

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