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The DevOps Weekly: 9/21 – 9/27

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The DevOps Weekly: 9/21 – 9/27

Last week of summer keep you from keeping up with DevOps? We've compiled the best articles from the last week for you.

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Welcome to the return of the DevOps Weekly! Here are the best posts you may have missed from the DevOps Zone last week: introductions to FitNesse and Bazel, why it makes sense to test with Python, and 100 more blogs and twitter accounts to bookmark.

Build, Y U Go Slow? – Kristina Chodorow

In this piece, Kristina explores Google’s new open source build tool, Bazel, and its profiling tools that let you break down the steps and speed of your builds. If this kind of functionality impresses you, she has a mailing list to learn more, as well as documentation here

Testing with Python and Why It Makes Sense – Justin Rohrman

Obviously, testing is an incredibly important to DevOps. I know we’re well-known as a Java-centric site, but there are benefits to using Python for your tests as an alternative to Java or Microsoft languages, including its ease of use, scripted nature, without losing the sizable community and support system.

100 Blogs and Twitter Accounts Every Software Product Enthusiast Must Bookmark – Manmay Mehta

This is a really great list of really knowledgeable folks to supplement our content on DZone. If you want to add even more sites to this list, you can start with some of our great MVBs like Paul Hammant and Erik Dietrich.

A Quick Glance at FitNesse Testing – Aniruddha Ranjekar

FitNesse is an open source, wiki-based, automated testing framework. Aniruddha wrote a great introductory overview of how FitNesse works, as well as the basics of testing. If you’d like more material on FitNesse, you can check out our Refcard on the subject, and let us know if you want even more information on it!

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