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The DevOps Weekly: Continuous Delivery, Gradle, and Heroku

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The DevOps Weekly: Continuous Delivery, Gradle, and Heroku

The week's best articles from the DevOps zone, hand-picked by our editors.

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This week, we have great articles from our zone leaders, an MVB, and our great guide authors, focused on Gradle scripts, continuous delivery with Heroku, and using TeamCity to automate blog posts.

"How to Design a Modular Gradle Build Script" — Matthew Casperson

Resident Zone Leader Matthew Casperson wrote an awesome tutorial on using Gradle to create a single build script that allows you to share the common build logic and support the individual needs of two separate applications. He's also included GitHub links to sample applications using this plugin. Highly recommended for any fans of Gradle. 

"Continuous Deployment With Heroku and Github" — Sam Atkinson

Our Zone Leaders continue to impress with Sam's tutorial to build a Java Web App on Heroku, using the platform for Continuous Delivery with Travis CI and your GitHub builds. The steps take you through setting up Travis and then using the capabilities included in Heroku for Continuous Delivery.

DevOps-ing the Blog, Part 2 — Ted Neward

This is the second post in a series from MVB Ted Neward on using DevOps tools to automate the posting of content across various channels. This setup used TeamCity from JetBrains to automatically determine whether a post was new, figure out the title of the post, learn when posts were changed, and post a link to Twitter after being published on his blog. It's a very cool use case that looks at out-of-the-box use cases for DevOps software.

The DZone Guide to Continuous Delivery Volume III

We had a lot of great articles from our guide authors this year, including Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, Mirco Hering, and Jim Bugwadia. Rather than posting them individually here (though you can find them on the home page spotlight right now) you can read them all in our newly updated Continuous Delivery guide. You'll also see an analysis of our audience on how they're adopting Continuous Delivery, insights gathered from several executives in the space, and a solutions directory of tools to consider. Check it out!

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