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The DevOps Weekly: Security, Cars, and StackOverflow

The best articles from the DevOps zone in the past week, hand-picked by our editors.

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Secure Design Principles — Insider Threat by Chris Lamb

Everyone knows cybersecurity is important, but too often I hear about outside attacks more often than threats from the inside. In this article, Zone Leader Chris Lamb looks at a few technologies and patterns to better protect your company from inside threats, such as encryption, inference, flow, and access controls.

Delivering Safer Cars With Continuous Delivery by Andreas Dwarmawan

Andreas Dwarmawan with Electric Cloud recently wrote an article at Automotive World, looking at how the various compliance guidelines and government regulations affect the manufacture, and software development, inside of cars. Combined with incomplete SCM and delivery methods, these challenges present an opportunity for Continuous Delivery to make a major impact in the automotive world.

Stack Overflow Driven Development (SODD) — It's Really A Thing by John Vester

This idea from our Zone Leader John Vester got a good laugh out of me, but it's also kind of scary how many people may actually develop software this way. StackOverflow is a great resource to find answers to your solutions, but relying on it creates a huge amount of technical debt in your organization that can be hard to recover from, especially if you're not adding documentation or comments to your code. There's a happy balance between relying on StackOverflow and using it as a tool.

Knowledge as Code: Leveraging Your Knowledge by James Brown

James Brown has been writing a series on approaching team knowledge as code. In part 3, James uses the Jenkins Workflow plugin to integrate your knowledge of processes into your project management and planning. It's an interesting way to utilize Continuous Delivery technology. 

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