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The Difference Between No-Code and Low-Code Products

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The Difference Between No-Code and Low-Code Products

No-code and low-code development are not quite the same. Learn about the different ways they work and distinct purposes they serve.

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People frequently lump low-code development and no-code development products together. In fact, there is a big difference between low-code development and no-code development platforms. 

No-code products primarily serve line-of-business people who, with some exceptions, cannot code and do not want to code. No-code products are NOT a fit for developers who want to increase productivity, but retain the ability to add code for complex requirements like security, data integration and more.

Conversely, low-code products primarily serve developers with the primary objective being speed of development without having to compromise on power and control. Low-code products are NOT a fit for line-of-business people who cannot code. these products usually require coding at some point and could bring a line-of-business app project to a grinding halt when that becomes the case.

Based on these definitions, it is reasonable for an organization to choose a no-code AND a low-code standard if the company wants to take full advantage of its human capital as to speed digital transformation and remain highly competitive in today's business world.

An Important Point

Low-code platforms can be massively valuable provided that they don't lock you into the vendor's world or trap you in a "walled garden." What do I mean here? As a buyer, it is critical to understand if the low-code product you're evaluating allows code to be introduced at any point, and if that code is based on standards or not.  The standards issue alone can have significant ramp-up and training implications for your app development team. It is essential to be able to build most of your application quickly without having to write code, while having the peace of mind knowing that when needed, you can write any code necessary - in a standard language your developers know - to complete your custom business app.

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