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The EclipseCon 2009 Emerging Technology Track

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Bjorn and I represented the Emerging Technology track on the EclipseCon 2009 Programme Committee. Today, we recorded this short podcast discussing the track and some of the talks that you can expect to find at this year’s EclipseCon.

Many (or perhaps most) of the talks on the Emerging Technology track have some connection to one Technology project or another. While some of these talks are focused very specifically on an individual project, I think that some of the more interesting talks are concerned more with how a technology project interfaces with the rest of the world.

Perhaps the best example of this is the combined RCP/Higgins talk, Identity Management in Your RCP Application with Higgins, hosted by a variety of folks including Mary Ruddy from the Higgins project, along with a cast of some of the biggest names in RCP-based application development. Frankly, I think that Higgins is pretty useful stuff, but to hear about it in the context of combining it with other technology I care about makes me tingle.

Bjorn and I took a few minutes in the podcast to discuss an interesting bit of technology that we’re trying out this year: RFID tags in the attendee badges. The idea is that we’ll be able to keep track of the talks that folks wander in and out of and thereby gain a real understanding of which talks provide real value. Don’t worry, we’re keeping track of RFIDs, but we’re not connecting with names.

Of course, if you like the interaction between the physical and virtual worlds as much as Bjorn and I do, be sure to attend Leveraging Agile Practices with the RFID-enabled Eclipse IDE, with your host Dann Martens.

EclipseCon 2009 will be held March 23-26 in Santa Clara, California. Come to EclipseCon and beat the winter blues…

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