The Evolution of Load Testing: What Testers Need to Know [Video]

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The Evolution of Load Testing: What Testers Need to Know [Video]

Take a look at this video that shows Tim Koopmans, Director of Load Testing at Tricentis Flood, talking about how performance has changed.

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Load testing isn’t new, but it has traditionally been the domain of performance specialists. Now that DevOps is driving organizations to “shift left” performance testing, functional testers are racing to get up to speed. Fortunately, load testing isn’t as complex as it may seem—in fact, you’ve probably already been doing it for years.

Watch as Tricentis Flood’s Tim Koopmans, Director of Load Testing, gives a crash course in the evolution of load testing— including how it entered the realm of the functional tester, the key concepts you need to know today, and what to expect in the future.

Check out the full transcript of the video here.

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