The Final Name for Java EE: A Vote

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The Final Name for Java EE: A Vote

Java EE will have to be renamed, and now it's up to the community to decide what it will be. Check out the two finalists and cast your vote!

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As you're all likely aware, Java EE is migrating to the Eclipse Foundation. Formerly known as Java EE, the specification will no longer be governed by JCP. Instead, a truly open-source initiative named Eclipse Enterprise for Java was founded — abbreviated as EE4J. The EE4J project's aim is to drive standardization while being completely open for other competing vendors to add value to it.

The process of transitioning from Oracle and JCP to EE4J has been flawless so far, with one exception regarding naming issues. Oracle refused to let the community use the word "Java." There was an open letter by Java EE Guardians to Oracle, asking for permission not only to use "Java" in the new name for old Java EE, but to use it in package names as well. However, Oracle refused.

Well, the whole community kept suggesting new names for the modern successor of Java EE, and the list has been whittled to two names.

  • Enterprise Profile
  • Jakarta EE

Have your say and vote for the name of the next generation of Java EE.

Everyone from the community is welcome to vote. Voting closes on 23 February 2018.

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